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Multiplayer-focused arena third-person shooter (TPS) game in anime style · By kitsune.ONE team


Recent updates

Made a tiny demo/prototype of the game
Made a tiny demo/prototype of the game. Using Launcher is recommended, because it simplifies the game authentication process!...
Cel Shading shader for Substance Designer
I've got a Substance Designer and made a cel shading shaders for it. The shaders are universal and shared between a Substance Designer and the game. So now I ha...
KITSUNETSUKI project: Occlusion Culling with Portals in Panda3D
I have added the Occlusion Culling using a Portals to the game...
KITSUNETSUKI project: New Lobby/HUB system, in-game inventory, WIP
I'm working on the new Lobby/HUB system replacement. The Lobby/HUB is the place where you waiting for a match or customizing your character's clothes and weapon...
KITSUNETSUKI project: new mechanics - wallrun
New mechanics added - wallrun Walljump mechanics reworked...
WIP: concepting and testing a new game level, basic geometry
Concepting and testing a new game level, basic geometry (work in progress)...
KITSUNETSUKI project: demo/replay recording and playback
I was made a demo/replay files recording and playback system. For the multiplayer game it's an easy task. The server generates a snapshots and sends them to the...
KITSUNETSUKI project: animation blending
KITSUNETSUKI project is a multiplayer-focused arena third-person shooter (TPS) game. Follow DevLog and support on Patreon: i...

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