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The thought process for making a move in this game at level 5:

"Okay, so if #0 taps downward, #1 will stand on the right button, making #2 walk over the down button, making #3 stand on the right button, making #4 walk right."

"BUT, I want #4 to only move one tile right, meaning #3 has to walk down over the right button, meaning #2 has to hold the down button, #1 has to walk over the right button, #0 has to hold the down button."


I love trying to wrap my brain around that, but it's waaay to tedious to do nine levels of this. The amount of time and moves required seem to increase exponentially. I just got to level six after an hour and I think I'll stop there.

I'm surprised that this isn't the first time I've seen a mechanic like this though. I've seen it once before in "reYal" by xrrawva, although that doesn't have the mechanic of holding a button down.


I want to see a video of the developer solving this


Thanks, I hate it lol. Would actually make a great V.S. game!


You. Are. Just. Kidding. Nine levels? I can't see anything on 3rd! I like it :3