A downloadable app for Linux

VTuber WebCam is an app for VTubers. The app was designed for streaming and video recording by 3D VTubers.


Open Dashboard

The app must be running in order to open the dashboard.


  • ESC / Q - exit an app
  • P - open the plugins configuration window
  • R - reset head position and rotation


  • Plugin based and Python-scriptable
  • 3D model import from VRM files
  • Face tracking using generic cameras and Intel RealSense, powered by MediaPipe
  • Morph target (blend shape) based emotes
  • Hands tracking using Leap Motion device
  • Gamepad (DualShock4) tracking using it's own gyroscope and accelerometer
  • DonationAlerts integration for triggering custom events on 3D scene or avatar

Planned Features:

  • Streamlabs integration
  • Spring bones physics
  • Camera based FBT (full body tracking)

Software Used:


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